Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go for a walk

Down the curving driveway, go right about 50 feet, then left out into the marsh. Follow the path to the right, you'll go along Roberts Cove, around Mill Pond, then Nauset Heights, and, if you're really ambitious, all the way to the barrier beach. (Quicker by kayak.)

Or head to the left and follow this part of the shoreline path north around the Tonset area and then south along Town Cove all the way to Rt. 28 in downtown Orleans if you're really ambitious. (Quicker by walking the roads, of course.)

Either way, it's a beautiful walk. You'll see shorebirds, boaters, shellfishers, and whatever the tide brought in.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The View

Here's what this house has going for it: the view. This photo was taken in early May before all the trees had leafed out. You can see that trees left and right are obscuring much of the view, and the good news is that we'll own the trees. I never thought I'd be in favor of chopping down trees, but at least some have gotta go, and others will be trimmed.  One has a limb touching the roof. I look forward to working with an arborist this fall.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An "upside-down house"

Here it is: the house we don't quite own yet. It's in a quiet part of Orleans on Cape Cod, overlooking Nauset Inlet, Nauset Beach, and the Atlantic. This blog will chronicle the purchase and preparation of this house as a vacation rental.

The living space is upstairs to take full advantage of the wonderful view. Downstairs there are two bedrooms, and full bath, a sitting area, an entry porch, and a small kitchen. The master bedroom is upstairs over the garage. Also upstairs is a large, open living/dining area, kitchen, and a small room now being used as a study.