Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting closer to the view

Deck furniture we added includes a table with umbrella to seat 8-10, 4 chairs with cushions, 4 folding chairs, 2 chaise lounges and a small table. The grill is on the left out of sight.

Roses along the driveway

Wild roses along the driveway now have climbers planted in between.


The Fourth of July rose I planted in June.

Living area

With window treatments and new pillows, this is beginning to feel finished - for now.

Downstairs bath

We forget to mention the claw foot tub in the downstairs bathroom which also has a shower stall. Great spot for the kids!

More downstairs

The porch

The new futon covers are a great improvement over the old faded orange ones and really change the look of this room.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beach plums

These are some of the oldest, largest beach plum trees around. The fruit ripens late in summer, and the kitchen has a cookbook devoted to the tiny plums.

Bunk room

This small second floor bunk room, having no closet, does not officially qualify as a bedroom, but people have slept here on the twin size and full size mattresses. What the room lacks in space, it makes up for in light with three windows. The above photo is shot through the window from outside on the deck.


The well-equipped laundry room is cleverly placed in the large upstairs half bath.

Front yard

 A shady place in the front yard beckons.

First floor

This small sitting room downstairs has a TV and bookcase to the left. The passageway on the left leads to the small kitchen and full bathroom. This is the large front bedroom's doorway, and the bedroom with twin beds is to the right.

Downstairs bedroom

This is an oversized bedroom with a deep antique chest of drawers. The room has a great view toward the ocean.

Screen porch

The back entry to the house has a small screen porch, a good place for the downstairs folks to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee from the small kitchen nearby.

Bay window

The house has four bay windows. This one downstairs has a glass bottom, with daylilies planted below.

Living room

We have redecorated a bit - with a new rug, curtains, end tables, slipcovers, and a new chair.

All it needs is an umbrella

The table we found has dropped leaves on either end and can probably seat 10 when extended.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skaket at low tide

A wonderful walk on Cape Cod Bay begins at Skaket Beach in Orleans


The proximity of the house to the ocean? The proof is on the roof. And sometimes on the windows.

More treats in the sky

This storm passed us over but gave us a piece of rainbow before leaving.

From the master bedroom at 5 am

Imagine doll chair occupants enjoying the spectacular sunrise! Even better - you enjoying it from your pillow in the master bedroom at this angle.