Sunday, July 17, 2011

Upside down house

From the upper level the view across Nauset Marsh to the Atlantic is spectacular.
This spring we topped some trees to get an even better look.

Upstairs master bedroom. A ceiling fan was installed this year.

The large downstairs bedroom with king bed and desk.

Island landscape

This was the ivy-choked island shaded by two Norway maples taken down two years ago. Too much ivy for Roundup, so we covered it all with cardboard and mulch, killing most of it. A stone wall and boulders were uncovered. Perennials were planted in May, and now two years later much improvement.

 Feel free to cut flowers and bring them in. Shasta daisies, catmint, yarrow, yellow Knockout roses, and coreopsis bloom all summer.

Find Bloomerang Lilacs, iris, and peonies in the spring.

This driftwood log washed ashore in the winter
now makes a great seat by the firepit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Driving on Nauset Beach

The house (center) looks closer to the ocean than it really is due to the telephoto lens. This was taken from the barrier beach where we drove out in our 4WD SUV. Getting the permit to drive on the beach was a major goal for the fall.

Canoe to Nauset Beach

Not far from the house is a good put-in spot at high tide for kayaks and canoes. The barrier beach is just a 15-minute paddle, and the nearby shoreline makes for interesting paddling as well.

Conservation Walk at Ice House Pond

The Orleans Pond Coalition has acquired most of the property around Ice House Pond, the pond you see on the left as you approach Champlain Rd.  The new trails around it are best accessed from Tonset Road. Below is Reuben's Pond within the same property.  Map

Back yard

The yard got a little ratty looking last summer due to the many locust suckers that popped up everywhere, so we treated them, put down seed in September, and watered as much as possible before leaving. By mid October the grass was looking pretty good. Mowing was completed just after this photo. The alyssum was looking great, and I'll plant that again next spring. Montauk daisies in the back island were just finishing up their bloom. Herbs planted along the retaining wall did well also.