Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nauset wildlife

These guys are so cute. Are sandpipers endangered?

I went straight to the beach when I learned this afternoon that I should probably return to Georgia tomorrow. Flooring installation has been postponed until October.

Nauset surf

Offshore winds continued throughout the day, taking the tops off the waves. Blowing sand stung the calves.

Traversing the barrier beach

,I assumed the "W" meant Walk and followed the footprints to the inlet side. Looking directly toward the afternoon sun on that side, I have trouble seeing our house across the water. Some morning will provide a better photo op.

Nauset Barrier Beach

Sometimes the barrier beach is off limits for everyone in order to protect the piping plover. Today large sections of the dunes were roped off.

From our house we can see vehicles being driven along this barrier beach. I wonder if they can go all the way to the break across from Coast Guard Beach.

Nauset Beach

In the fall, some folks bring a chair, a blanket, and a book to the beach, bundle up, and stay awhile.

Morning at Skaket Beach

A blustery day on Skaket Beach. The gulls are all hunkering down to wait out offshore winds reaching 30 mph today.
Walking to the right on Skaket Beach soon brings you to a river, probably a good place to explore at low tide.
At Skaket Beach you can walk a long way to the left even though it's posted as private beach. Further down, a sign says the owners permit the public to walk between the high and low tide areas. (OK, so I was a little outside the lines for this shot.)

Skaket Beach

A neighbor recommended Skaket Beach for walking, so I went there today to take some photos with the new camera for the blog. (This counts as working, right?) Skaket is a public Orleans beach on Cape Cod Bay with calmer water for swimming.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Afternoon in the cove

A gorgeous day today, perhaps the last warm day of the year. Sans camera I walked the beach for an hour, thought it too beautiful to go inside at 5 pm, so took some photos in our cove, giving my dropped pocket camera one last chance to show me it's shooting properly. It isn't, but with some tweaking, this photo is acceptable.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Our first visitors came on the weekend: Sara and family along with high school friend Ellie Smith. The downstairs bedrooms had been stripped of wallpaper and furnished just in time. Weather was perfect. Ellie took the ferry back to Boston from Provincetown on Sunday.

Getting right to work

Closing was Sept. 15, unloading the truck took place that afternoon, wallpaper stripping began the next day.

This is the master bedroom, adjacent bath was done in a pink pinstripe. Now it has been transformed to aqua, matching the coverlet lower right.

Fuel stop

The truck struggled over the North Carolina mountains but made decent time once we hit I-81. Confined to truck speeds, our white Civic Hybrid, seen behind the truck, made up to 53 mpg.

Loading the rental truck

We rented a 16-ft Penske truck in Atlanta, loaded some new furniture from Haverty's, then reorganized everything in Hiawassee.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving right along

Two more weeks and we can walk in the door! The money is falling into place. Insurance is in the works. An appraiser wants to get in. Furniture is being purchased. Comcast has been scheduled. Paint colors are being selected. Bedding is ordered. Fabrics for window treatments are under consideration. The second floor needs to be measured. The laminate flooring is called Teakwood. A rental truck should be reserved soon.